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We provide international grade CAD modeling at competent prices. Our clients are able to focus on their core competences such as design and presentation and maximize the productivity of their internal resources while we take care of their drafting needs.

Outsourcing AutoCAD drafting with Designocare gives you the advantage of unparalleled turnaround time. When your design team finishes their job, it can immediately be continued by us. With work being completed 24/7, you can expand your projects in scale and scope seamlessly.

We provide a variety of 2D & 3D AutoCAD drafting services that include mechanical drawings, paper to cad conversions, reverse engineering services, structural cad drawings, site plan renderings, elevation renderings, site overlays and photo montage. From shop drawings to product data, our professional drafters are experienced in the complete spectrum of CAD drawings either for presentation purposes or the submittal process.

Designocare offers low cost high resolution 3D digitizing services ideal for reverse engineering and dimensional control. We have blue light and white light scanners, helping us scan complicated geometries and make a replica of your part.

We can also scan you or your loved one, and do sculpting through a picture.

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Prototype Appearance Prototypes Ideation Soft Tooling

The highly realistic appearance models we produce are invaluable when testing your product with the target audience

Once potential users have encountered a product, we can use their feedback and opinions to follow a knowledge-based design process. The properties of the proposed finished design and model are matched as closely as possible to the finished product so user reaction is as authentic and reliable as possible.

We work with the latest technology to develop optimised, plastic moulded parts. Often including injection moulding tooling in our product design process, we can expedite your journey to manufacture through expert tool development and multi-cavity scale-up.

Our effective measurement techniques are invaluable in high-volume production and we use engineering-grade polymers and material science, alongside the latest systems such as mould flow analysis and FEA, to ensure all your metrics are accurate and exact before any tools are deployed.